Does You Business Need an APP? Good Question, Wrong Order!

Does You Business Need an APP? Good Question, Wrong Order!

I’m not a writer. In fact I really hate to write articles but I’m opinionated and sometimes I just love to jump into the fray by proffering my own opinion about topics that I’m concerned about and appeal to me.
When the topic of apps for businesses comes up for discussion, anyone who knows or is aware of the the brand I promote will quickly realize that I’m terribly one sided on the matter.
This is why I’ve decided to publish this very article on my blog and for once, I’m going to play fair.
Does your business really need an app? It’s a good question and merits serious consideration. The only problem is, it’s a question that should never be asked first.
If you are considering an app for your business, the first question (the answer to which determines very quickly if there will be a second question) you should ask should begin with “who” and not should.
You need to ask someone if you need an app for your business and that someone must be someone “who” has zero skin in the game.
That someone should be an independent analyst . Can’t afford one? Don’t ask me but you had better spend the money to find out or the ink on the books may flow in red tides of biblical proportions.
I know I’m not much help but if you can’t afford the independant, you can do the research yourself. Not an easy or time conservative task but the alternative to skipping this step could prove to me much more terrifying.
Finally, if you are very brave (and flush with cash) you can just ask a leading app development firm. Maybe I don’t need to tell you that that would be pretty much like asking the fox to guard the hen house but you know.
Yes, apps are wonderful things. They can bring value and tremendous branding to your business but before you decide, just remember the advice I’ve given you.When it comes to apps for your business, the first question can never be “should I…” It must always be first, “Who can tell me if I need one”. After that, “Who” better be right about the answer.

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