If Not Now, When?

If Not Now, When?

On Sunday July 12, 2015, I published the following post on he Facebook page of Pennysaverusa.com. Whether it’s approved by admin and made available for public viewing is not under my control, however, it doesn’t change the facts of what I have been trying to get small local businesses to understand.
It only re enforces [ and vindicates] what I been extolling since 2013.
Isn’t It about time?… It’s 2015 (early Q3 to be exact) and an industry leader has now closed its doors leaving workers displaced, small businesses and most importantly customers out in the cold.
Don’t you think it’s about time we used the technology we have at hand to not only insure that something like this doesn’t happen again?
Everyone has a chance to make a change to a better way of doing things and the closing of PSUSA proves that.
We have the opportunity to clean up our act, eliminate paper waste while still receiving the benefits of the tremendous value that PSUSA delivered to its advertiser who in turn passed that value on to their customers in the form of money saving coupons.
Is anyone listening here?…
Since early 2013 I have been trying to get small advertisers to listen. They have not. Many of these small businesses that depended on the store traffic that thier weekly/monthly coupons and offers generated for them have seen that channel evaporate right before their eyes. When will they open them again to see the new vista of opportunity which lies ahead?
Nothing has really been lost. New jobs and opportunities are there for the taking if we really want to have them. We have the technology and in fact, it has been there all the time. The only problem has been complacency.
If you are a consumer, you have the answer in your hand. You look at it every single day at least once without fail and the majority of us sooner than every hour on the hour.
Advertisers. The answer to your dilemma is in your customers hands and right in front of your face. You can literally pick back up right where PSUSA left you off.
So now the only question that remains is, will you (all of us) take advantage of the technology that is sitting there under utilized or will we remain in the dark, wanting and wishing for better days gone forever yet ignoring brighter days that lie ahead.
That is my question. Will there be an answer? Only time will tell the story and reveal what we desire and value most.
If you are a consumer and want to continue to receive the great offers that will no longer be arriving at your door each Sunday, get on my list at http://noappdeals.com and allow me to have a reason to continue approaching advertisiers and encouraging them to offer you their value.
If you are an advertiser, wake up and realize that your saving grace is and for a very long time, has been available to you if you want to move forward.
It’s not up to just me. I have provided a simple and effective solution – It’s up to you and me. It’s up to all of us!

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