Foolish Technology Assumptions That Will Close Your Small Business

Preface – If you are a marketing consultant to small businesses, there are days that make you wonder why you even care. It’s so easy to get into the business of selling clueless small businesses on marketing that puts money in your bank account while emptying your potential clients , selling them marketing that only works for blacksmiths and wagon wheel builders that sometimes the temptation becomes extremely great.
But keep the faith and remember – There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know’
We have come up with our list of the top 10 reasons small businesses don’t see the value in using modern technology despite the fact that it is not only cheap, relatively easy to implement and absolutely vital to their survival. To be clear, there are many more reasons “why”, we just listed 10 we feel are among the most important ones and therefore carry the greatest threat to small business insolvency.
1) On using modern marketing technology – It’s not really that important because people really don’t care?
Google tends to refute that claim and they have staggering figures to back it up. They are a multi-billion dollar company. Maybe they have a small clue about the future of business – Think?
2) We don’t see other businesses in our industry using it?
You can follow the leader if you want but when the blind lead the blind, well you know.
3) We don’t understand it?
You don’t understand the complex inner workings of your car but you still know how to drive one don’t you?
4) We have plenty of customers!
News flash – your current customer base is growing older by the day and will eventually die. Your future customers are still in grade school. You will not reach them with what you’re not doing now.
5) Social media is for playing games and chatting not for business.
“Michael, senators don’t have people killed” – “Now who’s being naive Kay?” (Line from “The Godfather” 1972)
6) A few bad reviews on sites like Yelp don’t matter.
Angie’s List, Consumer Reports many other highly regarded review sources have millions of followers and subscribers. Businesses live or die by what they say.
7) We have been in business for many years without this “technology” stuff
You bought stock in Blockbuster Video didn’t you?
8) We can’t afford a website
You can get one free from hundreds of places, even Google. Next excuse please and let’s be frank here – you don’t have one.
9) Print advertising, TV/Radio and Billboards – They are working just fine for us.
Working fine because you obviously have money to burn, are an “anti-green”, shoot in the dark, throw darts with your feet, hear no evil- see no evil marketing master – Good luck, you are really going to need it.
10) We are just local. Everyone in town knows who we are.
We won’t touch this one. We just don’t have the space. Maybe we should have ranked this one at number 1 or 2 but this type of thinking spells receivership with a capital R.
Take away – If you have a small business, medium size business or even a large business, you are reading this and as of this, the beginning of Q3, you have yet to implement even a small slice of modern marketing technology in your business, your mindset and your business is headed in the wrong direction unless being “out of business” is where you plan to be in the future.

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