Digital Coupons From Local Merchants in Your Area Delivered to and Redeemable on Your Smartphone Without the Need to Download Multiple Apps Are Long Overdue

DeLinda Vreeland
DeLinda Vreeland | Rescomm Group


On most weekends, he manages to get my coupons to at least within 30 feet of my door. This Sunday, I wasn’t so lucky.

After opening my door and curiously looking from side to side, my normally reliable Sunday delivery of coupons and discount offers was seemingly nowhere to be found.

That was until as I began to close the door my upward gaze revealed what looked to be a slim, milk white object positioned just off center in the road.

“What’s that?” I wondered to myself. No way! Yes way. There laying in the middle of the street, soaked in water and sporting the black tread patterned stripe of someone’s Goodyear radials pressed into the plastic was my bag of coupons. Now wet and ruined yet flawlessly displaying a perfect tire impression everywhere on the bag except the part that has the hole in ti meant for hanging on my door.

I guess I can understand it. You’re 17 and being paid next to nothing to deliver a few hundred of these little plastic bags filled with offers from local merchants that you don’t even frequent or care about.

On top of that, you had to stop playing Halo (or whatever teens do at that hour if not sleeping) and deliver them.

Not much incentive to be sure but none of that really matters to me because all I know is, this weekend I won’t be getting my coupons unless I want to stoop to sneaking over to the neighbors to snatch up their delivery.

Personally, I think it’s time that someone steps up here and just states the obvious.

Wouldn’t it just be easier if you could get coupons from local merchants without having to wait for them to show up in the mail or at your door, having to clip them out or if you’ve used digital coupons before, having to download multiple apps from each individual business in town you deal with just to save money?

Imagine if local merchants in your area simply offered their coupons in digital form, made them available for redemption on your smartphone and didn’t require you to download their app just to get them.

Wouldn’t that save time, paper waste and at the same time, save my smartphone memory for important apps like Dot’s or Clash of Clans?

And with all that taken into account, there’s the fact it would probably encourage more people to shop locally.

The first problem is that local merchants who offer paper coupons don’t understand that technology has made it more convenient for you to get and use coupons when they are offered in digital form.

The second problem is that while there is an abundance of coupon sites on the internet, even if they do offer you digital coupons, they are seldom if ever from local merchants and even if they are, they still require either downloading yet another app or printing them out neither of which is an answer to the question of paper waste or “app” bulge!

Luckily there is a better and more sensible alternative that solves both problems at the same time and puts local businesses squarely into the digital coupon marketplace where they should have been 4 years ago.

A new company has taken precise aim at the problem and come up with a simple solution that not only removes cost hurdle barriers to small businesses but also makes the sense for consumers to use because they need not be bothered with having to cram app after app on to their phone from every local store in town.

The company is noAppdeals and they apparently have found the middle ground between digital coupon delivery and wasteful paper coupon printing, and clipping.

I like my coupons. I like the savings and I like the convenience of having them handy yet taking up no more space than any other of the sites I have bookmarked.

According to the founder, the reason the company was started in the first place wa s to simplify and eliminate the need for constant downloading of space hogging apps. I like where noApddeals is going because their focus seems to be on driving their marketing efforts toward a better mobile experience for both small businesses and consumers.

Just like the Sunday coupon bag I now won’t be getting until next weekend, I realize that a company like noAppdeals is really long overdue.



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DeLinda Vreeland is Marketing Director and owner of Rescomm Group Mobile Marketing.


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